The French National Assembly votes for the second time on a bill on the social use of confiscated asset


Unanimity within the French National Assembly, for the second time

Crim’HALT rejoices over the unanimous vote that took place on Thursday, November 28, 2019, on the law proposal submitted by the representative El Hairy, that aims at upgrading the treasury of associations in France, which shows the unconditional support of the legislative power for the initiative that Crim’HALT advocates for.

Indeed, this law proposal, in its 4th article, stipulates that the properties confiscated from criminals, should be made available and free of any cost for associations of general interest, public interest foundations, as well as property companies operating in favor of common good.

After an unanimous vote in March 2019, within the National Assembly and one in July within the French Senate, the text returned to the representative. Unanimously accepted, the final text has to return to the Senate, for a compliant vote.

The social allocation of ill-gotten gains : citizens, actors in front of serious crime

Fabrice Rizzoli – “As president of Crim’HALT, I am delighted that :

The house of a drug dealer becomes an emergency shelter

The apartment of the bribe-taker is made available for an association of general interest

Proponent of this cause for 10 years now, I am looking forward to the moment where, in France, thanks to the reuse of confiscated goods for social purposes, we will be to repair the damage caused by traffickers and bribers.”

Guéant’s apparment shall be used to accommodate associations fighting against corruption.

Cf. Operation “Guéant rends l’appartement”


A new battle has been won again but the war continues because the law has to return to the Senate and then to the National Assembly, which can lead to a final vote in 2020.

Reminder 2017 :  Communiqué de presse : les biens confisqués échappent à la société civile !

Article in french : L’Assemblée nationale vote pour la seconde fois l’usage social des biens confisqués

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