Use of confiscated asset in France: it’s on!

Press release – Paris, April 1 st , 2021

Breaking news 3 nov 2021 : the gouverment issued a decree

A victory for the association Crim’HALT, which for years has been advocating for
a law on the use of properties confiscated from criminal organizations.

After the Assemblée Nationale, today April 1 st, 2021 the Senate has adopted the bill
“improving the efficacy of local justice and legislative response”.

This bill provides for properties confiscated to criminals to be made available to
associations of common interest, foundations of public utility or facilities operating in the
interest of the community.

Which are the direct effects of this bill?

The subject is complex, if not off-putting. Nevertheless, a huge milestone was just
reached in France. The social destination of confiscated properties will help the citizens
and the elected representatives gain deeper awareness: they are now direct actors of
the fight against organized crime, that affects each layer of our society.

“As president of Crim’HALT, I am happy to witness this achievement after more than 10
years of fierce advocacy for the common interest. With this law, the house of the
trafficker can become an emergency shelter, the apartment of the corrupt will be made
available to an ONG. I’m looking forward to being able, in France, thanks to the reuse of
confiscated properties for social purposes, to heal the territory from the damages
caused by traffickers and corrupts. When the territory is healed, the men and women
living on it are healed” states joyfully Fabrice Rizzoli.

Now, a cultural battle at the side of the community

Crim’HALT supports the idea that the fight against criminal organizations cannot be
reduced to the use of the legal means of repression. For this battle to be truly and
lastingly effective, it also needs a collective involvement of the community. The defense
of the rights and the respect of justice helps building a society where everyone easily
finds their place. It is a cultural fight that must involve the civil society, and for this

reason making the confiscated properties available for social purposes can be a huge
contribution to this cause.
We are convinced that it will also be a tool for economic and social development at the
service of everyone.
Crim’HALT will monitor the application of the bills putting into practice this new device,
from which all associations and non-profit organizations can benefit.

Advocacy with Crim’HALT : la fondation Terre de Liens, Anticor, «Culture contre la Camorra », le monde l’ESS, le Haut Comité pour le Logement des Personnes Défavorisées, le Collectif Massimu Susini et le collectif maffiaNO A vita ie, Solidarités Nouvelles pour le logement, Foncière Etic, Le Refuge, la Confédération syndicale des familles, La FAPIL, la fondation Sciences Citoyennes, mais aussi des collectivités territoriale (Paris, Toulouse, Linguizzetta) etc…

resources :

Front page photo illustrating the article: with this legend the villa in Saint Martin, confiscated from the Balkany spouses (convicted of tax evasion), sold by the state services (AGRASC). With this law, the villa in question could have become a hotel school!

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