Erasmus+2 on the lands freed from the mafia in Calabria

At the end of 2019, Crim’HALT won a second Erasmus+ call for projects called “Mobility programme for Adult Education”

2019 project: Stay on the lands freed from the mafia: how to better face serious crime in France

ECOPASS (european connexions against organised crime and for the promotion of social alternatives) is a training stay at the heart of antimafia cooperatives in Italy, designed together with the foundation Terre de Liens and the association Culture Contre Camorra. Below is the presentation flyer:

For 5 days, Crim’HALT members specialized in the voluntary sector and in the Social and Solidarity Economy field, visited, debated and interacted with key actors on the topic of goods confiscated from criminals in the Reggio Calabria area. It has been possible thanks to the Italian partner Valle del Marro-Libera Terra cooperative.

All of them were in Italy from the 7th until the 12th century to learn about best practices in the fight against organized crime, through the social use of confiscated ill-goods. In the picture at the top, the group is standing in front of a property confiscated from the mafia in Calabria. This impressive house, confiscated from the Versace clan in 2006, has been made available for the local parish. Instead of a bar that was hosting mafia members committing violence against entrepreneurs, who did not accept racketeering, there is now a hostel in which the group stayed. This place also hosts a center hosting activities for the youth of the neighborhood, as well as an outpatient center for everyone.

The objective of these training programs, co-financed by the European Union Erasmus+ program, is to finally be equipped with mechanisms for the return of confiscated property to citizens, or to be ready for when such mechanisms will be in place…

History of the advocacy:

Since 2009, FLARE France (ancestor of Crim’HALT) with the support of Libera France advocates for this mechanism (cf. Lobbying antimafia à Bruxelles)

2014, the association Anticor integrates the social use of confiscated ill-goods into its advocacy 

2015, during a european week against organised crime, Crim’HALT receives the support of the association « Culture against Camorra »

2016, the French Chamber for the Social and Solidary Economy obtains the social use of confiscated ill-goods but the Constitutional Council deprives the citizens of the only mean to make mentalities change

2018, Terre de liens supports Crim’HALT’s advocacy (cf. Tribune Reporterre)

January 2019, the High Committee for the Housing for Disadvantaged People supports Crim’HALT’s purpose, aiming at the social use of confiscated ill-goods, particularly in order to develop the housing offer for the most vulnerable people.

September 2019, the Massimu Susini group and then the maffiaNO A vita ie group also add the social use of confiscated goods into their advocacy

November 2019the National Assembly votes for the second time on the social use of confiscated goods but the lockdown does not allow a final vote…

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